Walldisplay (Capacity 10pcs, wallmount possible) [TMDISP10]

Walldisplay (Capacity 10pcs, wallmount possible) [TMDISP10]

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    IN-STORE VISIBILITY Ticket to the Moon is available in hundreds of sales outlets around the globe. From high-end French boutiques, extreme sports shops and street pop-up stores to festivals and events, everyone is drawn to our unique exhibitions. TTTM POS materials sourced from local partners, such as our exhibition products, provide aesthetic information about their use. The small space requirement and the handcrafted, natural surface make them the ideal companion to our assortment.

    ✔️Technical data 53 × 139 × 10 cm Weight 10 kg
    ✔️Flatpack design
    ✔️10 pieces capacity
    ✔️ Sticker-Sets inside
    ✔️Sustainable teak wood
    ✔️Tray for suspension systems
    ✔️Display suitable for Compact - Original - King Size - Bugnet - Sun-Rain-Wind Screen
    ✔️Can be mounted on wall or door