ECO SUPER MARKET BAG (2019 collection)

ECO SUPER MARKET BAG (2019 collection)

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    Our 40-liter Supermarket Bag is the largest in the eco-bag collection. It's perfect for shopping trips, or for carrying wet towels and swimwear after a day at the beach. A durable alternative to plastic bags, it's also washable and fast drying. Two hidden handles and a long sling make carrying even easier. We've designed our bag with simplicity and functionality in mind.

    Despite its large capacity, the Supermarket Bag is incredibly packable. It stores easily in another bag or within your car, while taking up minimal space. With multiple color options available, mildew resistant, and machine washable at 30ºC.

    Our green mission

    Each product we offer reflects our commitment to promoting a clean and healthy planet. Our carbon footprint is minimal, and we aim to minimize the collection of plastic waste both on land and in the sea. We repurpose any manufacturing waste from our products to create green bags and backpacks. The Eco Market Bag is packable and lightweight, yet strong. It's the perfect bag for shoppers looking to ditch single-use plastic.

    Product Features:

    ✔️Material: high-quality, parachute-silk nylon
    ✔️Dimension (cover): 9cm x 7cm x 5cm (3.5in x 2.8in x 2.0in)
    ✔️Dimensions (open): 58cm x 50cm (22.8in x 19.7in)
    ✔️Weight: 75g (2.6oz)
    ✔️Capacity: 40L (10.6gal)
    ✔️Maximum load: (33.1lbs)
    ✔️10-year warranty
    ✔️Dimensions (open): 58cm x 50cm (22.8in x 19.7in)