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    The original among parachute hammocks since 1996.

    You are not sure yet, which hammock is the right one for you? Have a look at the different options in this video!

    ✔️THE LIGHTWEIGHT FOR EVERY POCKET (3.2 * 1.55m, only 480g)
    ✔️HANDMADE QUALITY - certified according to OEKO-TEX® Standard
    ✔️FASTER, INTUITIVE CONSTRUCTION - (in <1min.) Neither knots nor screws!
    ✔️GOOD CONSCIOUSNESS thanks to fair production and foundation
    ✔️HONESTLY SUSTAINABLE - Nothing is left to waste!

    The ultralight original from Ticket to the Moon! You just want to get your first hammock to lie comfortably in the garden or on the road? You don't want cheap china goods but are looking for outstanding quality and durability? Then you are exactly right here! Because with a lying surface of 3,00m x 1,55m the Compact Hammock is the perfect occasional hammock for adults and beginners. If you take the hammock with you on your travels, you can use it as a neck roll or as a seat cushion. Our principle: "From travelers for travelers" is written in capital letters. So that nothing can get lost, the side pocket even holds keys, glasses etc.

    We guarantee:

    1. Very fast and intuitive assembly, no knotting, no drilling - we protect man and nature
    2. Ultra strong parachute silk, which also guarantees a lot of comfort and safety. Together with the cover the mat can hang outside all year round
    3. First-class production, handmade quality certified according to OEKO-TEX® standard (You will immediately notice the difference to the machine-produced (Chinese) mats)
    4. Fair production and sustainable commitment to nature, employees and our customers, without ifs and buts - get informed here!

    Care & Durability:

    Throwaway society was yesterday! Our products are characterized above all by durable materials, which is why we also guarantee you a manufacturer's warranty of 10 years. To extend the life of your hammock even further, we recommend the environmentally friendly products from Nikwax in combination with our Sleeve. They not only have dirt and odor repellent properties, but also increase the durability of the fabric when used regularly. With the code TTTM you get in the online store of Nikwax -20 percent off all care and waterproofing products. So nothing stands in the way of a long and happy relationship with your hammock!