Backpack Display Refill (mixed colors, 16pcs) [TMBPREFILL]

Backpack Display Refill (mixed colors, 16pcs) [TMBPREFILL]

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    This Set contains 16 Pcs of TTTM's original Mini Backpack in mixed colours to refill your counter display. The Mini Backpack is perfect for adults and children that like to travel or use it in their everyday lives thanks to its compact design. Despite its smaller capacity, it offers a generous storage compartment and a hidden side pocket. A Ticket to the Moon staple for over a decade, its light and sturdy design is loved by owners in all corners of the globe. The Mini Backpack is highly-regarded for its usefulness without being cumbersome. It's a great gift for all family members, outdoorsy or not.

    Ticket to the Moon's eco-friendly bags are made of breathable parachute nylon. They're fast-drying, not resistant, and machine washable at 30ºC.

    Product Features:
    ✔️Material: parachute-silk nylon
    ✔️Dimensions (backpack): 28cm x 42cm x 15cm (11in x 16.5in x 5.9in)
    ✔️Dimensions (storage pouch): 10cm x 7cm x 6cm (3.9in x 2.8in x 2.4in)
    ✔️Weight: 105g (3.7oz)
    ✔️Maximum load: 15kg (33.1lbs)
    ✔️10-year warranty